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AUT1010 Module 2, basic engine mechanics.

Module Overview:

Course Objective: Learner will be able to identify primary components and their functions.

Module Objective:

  1. Define and Discuss basic engine functions and theories with their peers.
  2. Review engine mechanics through text and rich media presentations within the module.
  3. Analyze basic engine functions and theories by identifying key components in a simulated environment with 80% accuracy or greater.

DSC_0856 (2).JPG

Chevelle SS, Tampa Bay Auto Show 2016, 300DayZ Photography

Module 2 is designed to get you up to speed and prepared for the rest of this course. Begin this module by:

  1. Reviewing the different types of vehicles.
  2. Then, review the basic and most common engine types.
  3. Finally, read about how engines work.
  4. Then, watch a video explaining the very basics of engine functions.
  5. After you have been exposed to the content and theories above, progress to the Module 2 simulation, where you will identify 20 components and theories of automotive technology.
  6. Lastly, you will review the discussion rubric, post your original discussion by Friday, 02/23/2018, and reply to at least two of your peers by Sunday, 02/25/2018.
  7. You can also explore additional resources on the topics covered in this module (optional).