Website Revision

Greetings All!

After years of insignificant changes and use of this site, I have finally made a revision to better utilize it.

“Why the sudden the change?” You may ask. It’s simple… This summer semester of 2017, I have been challenged by three graduate courses at the University of Central Florida to establish a greater social presence. Part of this requirement was to create a blog site, another was to work on graphic design, and the other was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of social media outlets.

The result? A brand new, highly functional revision of this site,

Check out the new features and content. While the new site is live, I still have plenty of work left to do. Please excuse any mishaps you may encounter during this time. If you find a specific problem that is persisting, use the Contact page and leave me feedback.

Don’t forget to follow me using the navigation the right to stay updated when new content arrives!

Gabriel Yeager


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