As mentioned in the about page, you may be interested in seeing more of who I am, the man behind the lens. While photography is something that I take passion in, and something I pride myself in, it is far from all that I am.

I am first and foremost a lover of knowledge. As written by one of the great philosophers Plato, “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” As you read through my post, you will discover a trend that I keep… A trend that shows I desire to pursue my passions out of a thirst for increasing knowledge.

I have obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, dabbling in drastically variating fields along the way. With continuing my education onto a Master’s and PhD, I desire to keep my professional career tract in the realm of education. In my experiences of life, nothing has been more fulfilling than helping students become successful citizens that enjoy what they do.

Early in my career, I found a passion for photography and videography. More specifically, wildlife documentaries and landscape photography. One day, it came to my attention that I could combine my love for performance cars and my passion for shooting through a lens. After years of entertaining the thought, I found a way to make this a reality.

The purpose behind the creation of these discussions are for you to gain some greater familiarity with who I am, so that you may feel more comfortable in contacting me for photography services. While my current work focuses on automotive photography and landscape scenery, I have started to branch out into event photography with the goal of offering wedding services.

Here you will find many discussions pertaining to psychology, academics, and everyday life. To continue the discussions, click here!


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